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About Dr. Nancy North ...

Currently practicing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dr. North has been in practice since 1981. Dr. North personally knows the need for specialists in sports wellness, having experienced her fair share of sports-related challenges during her time as a fast-pitch and women's baseball national champion (1992-1995) and while earning her title as a USASA Amateur Medallist in Snowboarding (2002).

Since 2011 she has been playing on a senior Olympic qualifying team for Albuquerque which took World's in Phoenix in 2012. Her own health concerns, and those of her fellow athletes over the years, have attracted her to study the most advanced sports injury techniques available, and to continually strive to offer the best that research has to offer.

Dr. North specializes in fixing ailments quickly and efficiently - utilizing a broad base of mechanical knowledge of how the human body functions and how this affects the kinetics of movement and healing.

Athletes see Dr. North to run faster and jump higher. Non-athletes come to be free of pain and limitations caused by chronic injury and illness. Athletes, non-athletes, children and elderly see her for prevention of illness and injury and for periodic maintenance.



Dr. Nancy North
p/ 505.294.7474

11001 Spain NE, Ste C
Albuquerque, NM 87111
Spain and Juan Tabo
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Lecturing Nationally and Internationally
for 25 years

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Listed Best Doctor
of Chiropractic by
SELF Magazine 1992

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Treated Olympic and Professional
Athletes since 1982

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Pro-Rodeo Doctor
since 1992


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